Chemtox forte

Chemtox forte

Chemtox forte

(Oral liquid)


Chemtox forte is the solution you are searching about.


Composition per one liter:


Vitamin B1:                                                         0.55 gm

Vitamin B2:                                                         0.092 gm

Vitamin B6:                                                         1.7 gm

Sorbitol:                                                               50 gm

Other ingredients:    

Potassium sorbate:                                               0.1 gm

Propylene glycol:                                                 100 gm

Sodium chloride:                                                 0.57 gm

Sodium citrate dehydrate:                                   20 gm

Tartaric acid:                                                        1.5 gm

Lactic acid:                                                          1 gm

Malic acid:                                                           1 gm

Lysine:                                                                 5 gm

Phosphoric acid:                                                  6.5 gm

Copper sulfate:                                                    5 gm

Water:                                                                  up to 1 Lt


Properties :

Chemtox forte:

  • -CHEMTOX FORTE Improves body natural immune system , Increases the body utility of food and feed additives , Accelerate the metabolic rate in the liver, acts as mold killer ,control of bacterial pathogens  ,stimulates the immune response during physiological and pathological  stress,vaccination stress , improves egg production, fertility ,better reproduction and hatchability in toxin effected species.
  • -Vitamins in CHEMTOX FORTE are co-enzymes for carbohydrate and protein metabolism, this activation of metabolism occurred lead to activation of:-
  • -production of red blood cells.
  • -production of  antibodies.
  • -cells respiration.
  • -growth.
  • - CHEMTOX FORTE due to   mineral salts create a high osmotic pressure in the body fluids , resulting in diuresis and finally flushing out  fungi and their deactivated toxins .
  • -CHEMTOX FORTE contains a homogenus blend  of acids  , its well known that acids are fungicidals.
  • Phosphoric acid is the main component for ATP synthesis (the major and only unit of energy in animals and humans as well).
  •                                                                                                 Indication and dosage :


Prevention of Salmonellosis and Colibacillosis , damaged liver due to mycotoxin , hepatitis ,fatty liver , Kidney malfunction ,oral mouth lesion, reduce growth and performance , suppressed immunity due to stress and vaccination , and ascites.



1 ml per 2 liters of drinking water , continuously for 5 days every month

Curative :

1 ml per 1 liter of drinking water , continuously for 5-7 days

Competitive Exclusion Phenomena:

2-2.5 ml  per liter of drinking water , continuously for 5-7 days post antibiotic treatment .

Livestock :

For reducing  mycotoxin level in milk , increasing  milk production , treatrment of anorexia, off feed and rumen dysfunction

Small animals :

5-10 ml per animal, twice daily  for 3 -5 days .

Large animals :

60 ml per animal , twice a daily for 3-5 days .

Withdrawal period:

No withdrawal period

Storage :

Store in a dry place at room temperature below 30º C



For veterinary use only

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