Agro-Amiral 50 EC

Agro-Amiral 50 EC


Non systemic organo-phosphorus insecticide with contact, stomach and respiratory action, used to control insects in fruit trees .

Composition :

Each 1 liter contains :

Malathion : 500 gm w/v

  • Agro-Amiral 500 EC: Effective in controlling insects affecting a wide range of crops and fruit trees such as Poem trees , Almond trees, Date Palm
  • trees, Citrus, Vegetables and Field crops.
  • Agro-Amiral 500 EC: Non phytotoxic to most species of plant when
  • used as recommended.

Compatible with Insecticides and Fungicides

except alkaline compounds .

Don’t enter the field before 24 hours from application sprayer.

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