Chemothrin 10 EC

  Public Health  

Pyrethrodial insecticide, effective in controlling crawling and flying insects.

Composition :

Each 1 liter contains : Cypermethrin : 100 gm w/v


  • Chemothrin 10 EC Pyrethrodial insecticide moderately toxic to mammals if used as recommended.
  • Chemothrin 10 EC Used to control a wide spectrum of crawling insects which affect public health.
  • Chemothrin 10 EC Rapidly degraded by micro-organisms and
  • physiochemical process in soil.
  • Chemothrin 10 EC Highly effective in controlling pests which have became resistant to organochlorine and organophosphorus compounds.
  • Chemothrin 10 EC has a long lasting effect for 2 weeks for flying insects and 6 weeks for crawling insects.


Compatible with fungicides and insecticides except alkaline compounds .

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